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Marchetti Magic
Connecticut Magazine
When Maria Marchetti was six years old, she took a few coins of her lunch money and trotted down to the butcher in Gravina di Puglia. On tiptoe, she ordered two minute steaks, which she took home to make steak pizzaiola... READ MORE

Restaurant family dumps the pizza and starts making some real dough
NORWALK - When Maria Marchetti and her growing family took over Pizza Time in Norwalk in 1983, she had the will and spirit to make it in the restaurant business and the belief that food and family go hand in hand... READ MORE

Oh the pasta-bilities
The Advocate
The chairs are stacked on top of the tables and the front of the house is dark when Maria Marchetti and her sister-in-law, Cenzina Parisi, start cracking eggs in the kitchen at Columbus Park Trattoria each morning... READ MORE

Short Order
The Fairfield County Weekly
I walked into Tarantino's and knew right away that I was about to enjoy a delicious meal. Coming in from the chilly night air, the place smelled fantastic... READ MORE

Rated as one of the best-kept secrets in Connecticut - Zagat Survey... READ MORE

Tarantino Restaurant
30 Railroad Place
Westport, CT 06880